Friday, April 20, 2012

Tropical Cutie

Repurposed clothing….gotta love it!!!

 I found a flowery print rayon shirt-dress (shown below) in the Bargain Bin (99 cents a pound) at the Goodwill Thrift Store, so it literally cost me less than 99 cents! I took it apart and reconstructed it (above) into this cute 1940’s style dress (or a summery top, for the modest woman!). The green halter straps were made from a silk blouse also found in the Bargain Bin (I’m estimating about 25 cents for this fabric) and the buttons on the back closure were repurposed from the shirt-dress.

I love the Goodwill Thrift Store! I have found the most amazing fabrics there. It’s so much fun to discover sumptuous silks and buttery velvets, beautiful buttons and metallic trims, all at prices I can afford! After taking the garments apart, there usually is not enough yardage for making anything major, but piecing parts together is much of the fun! 

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