Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Friend Ruth Funk

Ruth Funk’s book signing was today, at the Foosaner Museum in Eau Gallie. Her book entitled “Dolls Etcetera” showcases her private collection of dolls, which will also live permanently at the museum.

My “Ruth doll” evolved as many of my dolls do, with no preconceived notion of what will be. I began with the head, and as I was painting the face, it bore a remarkable resemblance to Ruth. That was all I needed to decide that this doll would be a tribute to Ruth Funk.

I added to the sculpted body many details that I knew to be Ruth. She often wears slacks and t-shirts, so velveteen pants and a cotton shirt were made from repurposed thrift store finds. Ruth is somewhat famous for her fabulous coats, so I used a piece of vintage kimono silk to create a small jacket, lined in soft peach fabric, and trimmed in green silk. Inside the jacket I hand embroidered “I’m a spontaneous artist” which is a quote from Ruth’s first book “Cloth and Culture”. Also, true to Ruth’s jacket design aesthetic, I added hand-made bead embellishment to the back of the jacket.

Ruth is accessorized with strung beads, tiny metallic bracelets, rings, earrings, and a watch. She stands permanently on a paper-covered wood block, with hands clasped, looking like the lady that she is.

I have been blessed to know Ruth for many years. We share a love of textiles, art, fiber and dolls. Ruth radiates peace and love, and a passion for her art. I’m so happy to have crossed paths with her, and was very happy to have God’s hand guide me as I created a doll just for her. I presented it to her at the book signing, and was so happy see her reaction: “That’s me! That’s me!” she exclaimed.

I think she likes it!

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