Thursday, December 10, 2015

Turmoil and Tranquility

I chose this piece to illustrate the theme of the challenge presented by my fiber arts group this year. I find my Tranquility from the Turmoil in my life in the oasis of my swimming pool, where bubbles frantically rise to the surface in an effort to escape. But at the same time, the bubbles are calming, presenting a soft popping sound that is duplicated no where else. And I love to watch their little dances as they scurry around on their journey. 

This is a small art quilt that began with a batik I had made several years ago. It is a waxed design on rayon, painted with Procion dyes and textured with salt. I machine quilted the background, and also around each bubble, with metallic thread. I stuffed each bubble from the back of the quilt with fiberfil, backed it with repurposed rayon, then bound the quilt with white piping and hand-made dyed silk binding. Tiny beads are hand-sewn on, scattered throughout.

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