Thursday, August 29, 2013

I love making purses from thrift store finds!

The eyelet fabric in this blouse caught my eye and shouted “repurpose!” to me. So I did!

First I decided the fabric needed more interest, so I randomly squirted SoftScrub (the kind with bleach) on the blouse, then rinsed it in water. 

The effect was just what I wanted, and the solid color cotton lining of the blouse also took the bleach-discharge process nicely. The lining of the blouse became the lining of the purse, but I did have a hard time not using it for the outside since it was so pretty!

I used a piece of yellow cotton from my stash to make the pockets, and also as a lining between the eyelet fabric and the pretty lining, so the pattern of the eyelet was easier to see. I had enough fabric left to make 2 rosettes for embellishment.

New ribbons added just the right touch to the rosettes. My purse is ready to go shopping, and so am I!

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