Monday, September 23, 2013


Arcania keeps her secrets hidden.
She looks the other way, pretending the secrets do not exist.
That’s the only way she can keep from sharing them,
because secrets are meant to be kept.  
The owner of secrets has power.
When you possess secrets, you are allowed to be selfish,
because once secrets are shared, they are no longer secrets,
and their power disappears.

Arcania is the result of an indescribably wonderful ReTREAT attended by our Doll Club, the Space Coast Doll Artists (see us at ) Our talented leader Patty Briggs brought supplies, techniques, and expertise to teach us how to make a woods-fairy type doll that incorporated a variety of techniques. “Arcania” (from the word “arcane” which means “secret” or “mysterious”) is made from a soft-sculpted cloth body covered with paper clay, mounted on an altered repurposed plastic bottle (expertly carved by Patty’s husband John to reveal the inside of the “tree). The body was then painted to look like wood, and embellished with dyed cheesecloth, yarn hair, tiny beaded necklace, and altered Tyvek wings.

The base was made from a masonite panel found at the Reusable Resources Adventure Center (visit them at and trimmed out in balsa wood to contain a mossy ground, a fitting place for Arcania to be while guards her treasures!

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